‘Understanding the Other Gender’

From the 26th to the 28th of April ’24, Thomas Ameel, MCP and Marie Cacao, LMFT are offering an IN-PERSON, weekend workshop in Portland, OR designed to support cis gender participants in exploring and understanding their relationship with gender, both their own and the other.

A brief summary of how we look at this weekend workshop:

We’re consciously and intentionally focusing three days of personal development work on the ‘social acculturation of the gender binary of men and women’.
In doing that we’re interested in exploring how that acculturation influences and impacts the male and female experience, how it defines mixed gender interactions and relationships, how the differences in acculturation collide and complicate being met and understood by one another, as well as how to meet and understand ourselves.

Who is this for?

You’re a cis woman or man who has had complicated, confusing and even difficult relationships with the opposite sex, the “other gender”. You may have experienced this in personal, professional or romantic relationships and with a varying degree of intensity, complexity and confusion.
You are curious and willing to explore this recurring difficulty in relating to the other gender. After all, you see patterns and stuck points returning in your relationships and want to understand these issues better. You are curious about your role in this recurring dynamic and want to look at your own conscious or unconscious choices and responsibilities to enable better connection and understanding with the Other gender.

You might have spent some time trying to understand what happens between you and the opposite sex, but don’t feel you’re complete in that journey. Whenever you have tried to work on these patterns, you notice how it’s hard, complex and often too overwhelming to do this by yourself in your intimate and personal relationships. You need more support, from peers and in a guided setting to really unravel the knots you get stuck in.

What can you expect?

What we offer is a facilitated space where you can experiment with those patterns. You’ll be able to explore and understand them better while not jeopardizing any personal relationships.
We’ll bring together a group of people that all share a similar desire to explore their patterns, without having close, personal ties to each other. This environment isn’t requiring of your personal relationships and prevents the risk of fracture or rupture that you encounter in more personal settings. This makes it easier to step back and process what’s happening in your interactions with the other gender.

This weekend will be led by a cis man and a cis woman, both of which are experienced individual and group psychotherapists and facilitators. We have each consciously chosen to offer a facilitator duo that represents the two, binary genders, for us to be able to support each gender in diverse ways.
We will be working with equal amounts of men and women, having a maximum of 12 participants in the large group and 6 in each gender group. All participants will be required to go through an intake and assessment process to determine if the needs and intentions match what we can offer.

How will we work?

Structure of the weekend and methodology
The weekend will be built up in different blocks. Some of which will be with your own gender, and some in a mixed gender constellation.
We will explore how you relate with the other gender through:
• guided meditations and active imagination
• experiential exercise
• reflective prompts
• interpersonal encounters and explorations
• facilitated group process in mixed and gender specific constellations
You can expect a variety of work on yourself, in diads, smaller groups and in the large

Safety and emotional regulation
• We are both trained in trauma informed ways of holding space and work extensively with the feedback in the moment. That means we work with a constant awareness of and attention to energy levels and shifts present in the room and the meaning of these various energies and changes.
• The group moments with your same gender will offer opportunities to process difficult emotions and dynamics that have come up, but feel too challenging to address in the larger, mixed group. Additionally these same gender group moments will be used to address topics and questions that participants feel are less appropriate for a mixed group setting and/or need some pre-processing in a safer, same gender environment before bringing them into a mixed environment.
• As facilitators we are responsible to support authenticity, courage and honesty in the group. That means we’ll be committed to name, frame and explore difficult dynamics in the group with the intention to increase insight and awareness of behaviors and responses of individuals and the group. We will not be dictating or judging certain behaviors, but we will consistently strive to surface intentions and support processing impact. All in light of increasing participant’s awareness of how they relate to the other gender.


The weekend will start on Friday the 26th in the afternoon and finish on Sunday the 28th at lunchtime. More specifically the timings are:

  • Friday 26th of April: 2:30pm – 6pm
  • Saturday 27th of April: 9:30am – 12:30pm and 2pm – 6pm
  • Sunday 28th of April: 9:30am – 1pm


  • The total price for the weekend workshop is _________
  • We have an early bird discount of 15% that finishes on the 15th of March ’24, use EARLY at checkout.

Signup process:

  • If this weekend workshop seem to be a fit for you, we kindly invite you to schedule a meeting with either of us to have a brief intake session. The aim of this is for us to support you to assess whether or not this is the right kind of workshop for you and for us to have a sense of your emotional capacity for this kind of work.
  • How to schedule an intake session?
    • If you’ve found this offer through Marie Cacao, please email her to arrange a meeting at [email protected]
    • If you’ve found this offer through Thomas Ameel, please shedule an online meeting through this link

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