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Below you can find an overview of the upcoming events and a calendar where you can signup if you want to participate.

The following meetings are on the schedule:

‘Between Men’ drop-in groupsWinter ’24
10 week series

For whom?

For any man who is curious or has questions about his masculinity and what it means for him to be a man.
If you’re wondering whether or not you this might be a fit for you, read the statements below to find out if you resonate with any of them:

  • you ask yourself sometimes how being a man affects you and how it impacts your way of being in the world
  • you’ve often struggled with what it means for you to be a man and how you want to express yourself as a man
  • you feel being a man comes with a bunch of benefits and limitations, but you are wondering how other men feel about this
  • you don’t find it easy or even impossible to have this kind of conversations with your regular friends; in any case when you have tried, it has often felt unsatisfying
  • you feel alone in your need to meet other men in a more authentic way and you’d love to find a place where you can meet men who want answers to similar questions like yours
  • you think it would give you more clarity, confidence and direction in life if you’d get a chance to find some answers
  • you’d love to find a group that is not psychotherapeutic, but still offers deep personal work focused on masculinity


  • Ten 2 hour group meetings from January to March ’24 designed to help you better understand your experience of masculinity, together with other men.
    • Every group is run by a professionally trained and experienced facilitator
    • Every group is a mini-workshop focused on a topic. A variety of methods is used. You can expect a mix of check-in, conversational prompts, guided meditation, experiential exercises, creative methods and group sharing.
    • The groups are meant to offer opportunities to go deep into your experience, mindset and thinking about yourself as a man.
  • We’ll work with different topics and each night will offer a different focus on your experience as a man.
    This is the preliminary schedule of the meetings:
    • Monday 8th of January: Being a man
    • Monday 15th of January: Male friendship
    • Monday 22nd of January: Loneliness
    • Monday 29th of January: Connection
    • Monday 12th of February: Body Image
    • Monday 26th of February: Shame
    • Friday 8th of March: Intimacy
    • Friday 15th of March: Your father
    • Friday 22nd of March: Conflict & Anger

      You don’t need to have come to the first event to come to the second etc.
      You can come whenever you want, without prior knowledge or experience.


  • Schedule: see above
  • LocationDe Markten, Oude Graanmarkt 5, 1000 Brussel, zaal ‘Middenzolder’
    Beware: there are currently works in De Markten, that means you can’t access through the big entrance doors, but have to go through the bar on the left and then follow the signs to ‘Middenzolder’
  • All 10 meetings are drop-in, you can come once or more, depending on what you want. There’s no expectation for any recurring commitment.
  • Fee:
    • You pay 15€ to participate in a group
    • Please choose the date you want to attend through the calendar below, leave your details and make an online payment to secure your seat. This helps me to know how to prepare depending on the amount of participants.
    • Punch pass:
      If you’re excited about our groups and are planning on joining more often, you may want to consider a ‘Five Session Punch Pass’ at a reduced rate.
      Click on the button below to check out the pass.
    • Money shouldn’t be an issue for men to join. If you’re struggling with the participation fee, please reach out to me

If you haven’t already, please read the website and the explanations on the content of the groups carefully’ to find out if this project is a fit for you
Still unsure if it might be what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me via email or phone.

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