You are here because…


You want to feel more free to choose your own path in life. You want to bring yourself into the world in your own particular way.
You’d want to leave behind old wounds, bad experiences and stubborn habbits, as they hinder you in that freedom you desire.


So you know more or less what you’d want, but there’s an issue that keeps on coming back in your life, again and again. It has been bugging you for a while, it limits and hinders you and you feel you want to confront it.
Sometimes you feel you can put your finger on it, but sometimes you’re entirely lost.
You might have talked about it with a good friend or you have even done some work around it. Some periods you maybe managed to feel better for a while and it even seemed as if you had overcome it, but that never really lasted. You know there is more needed for a long term solution and feel you need extra help to tackle it for real.

If you feel the above already matches with you, please continue to learn more about my way of working and if it might be a fit for you.


You have no idea how you might begin this work on yourself, but you do recognize yourself in some of the following statements:

• Talking is helpful, but can be limiting as well, because you do it all the time and it allows you to hide yourself. Maybe you’d want to try to understand yourself in different ways. You might feel open to include other sources, like your emotions, your body language and responses, your energy, imagination and associations, in an attempt to get to know yourself better. After all, you notice how a cognitive/analytical approach doesn’t give you all the answers. ‘Doing’ more in therapy, does appeal to you.
• You need more than positive thinking and installing new habits. You feel you want to engage in a personal process. You expect this might be intense, but with the right help and care you’d like to try it. You feel it’s important to encounter yourself.
• You’ve often focused on ‘what you’d like to change’, but that mainly burdens you with a to-do list, good intentions and frustrations when you can’t check em off. So that doesn’t really work for you. You’d be prepared to go deeper and look at ‘what there is’, in order to use that as a starting point from which you are more able to feel ‘what could change’.
• You’d like to look at what is your part in the issues you encounter. After all, sometimes you get the impression you’re in your own way and you’re the one keeping your issues alive. You have moments that you feel how your take on life, your way of engaging in relationships and how you look at the world, shape your experience and thus your suffering. Obviously there are people, situations and environments that aren’t good for you, but in one way or another, you keep choosing for them, hence in one way or another, you could also not choose for them.
• You prefer self exploration and -reflection over other people’s answers. You want guidance, with an active role for you to play. Therapy is not something that’s being done to you by a therapist.
• You are prepared to free up some time, space and money for this journey. You understand there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ for personal problems.

What you’re looking for in therapy is..

• A safe place, where you can be vulnerable and honest with yourself and a neutral other. A place where you can find support, but also can get confronted with a more edgy view.
• A place where you can tell your story and where we also use talking to make sense of your bodily experience, your emotions and non-verb al cues, your imagination and energy level.
• An opportunity to get honest and caring feedback on how another person perceives and experience@s you. You’ll be supported to take a closer look at our relationship in therapy. That can be confronting, as you meet yourself quite upfront, but you mostly feel it might be inspiring and challenging to encounter yourself in that way.

If the above seems to fit with you and what you’re looking for, please read on to get to know me better or to find out how to contact me and where I work.