Mendays returns @ PDX

Dear men,
you might have been a part of Mendays in 2023, when we started doing men’s groups in Portland, OR or you might have been following us from afar.
Since I moved back to Europe in September ’23, the regular Mendays meetings have stopped.

However, I’m coming to Portland for a month of training and work in April ’24 and will be offering a small series of men’s groups again.

A quick update on what Mendays is

Men are often more constrained by ‘masculinity’ than they realize.
Fixed images of how and what men are, define and limit many of our interactions as men with each other.
As a result finding support and deeper connection among men is challenging or simply unavailable.
Together with men, discover what lies beyond your experience as a man, through hearing other men’s stories and discover how that can make you feel more and more connected to yourself and others.

Join and meet a group of men in a facilitated environment to connect, share, move, be, play, confront, learn, support, grow together.

Mendays Triplet Series
April ’24 @ PDX

On April 9th, 16th and 22nd 2024 I’ll be offering a three part series of drop-in, personal development groups for men.
We’ll focus on your experience as a man using three different perspectives:

  • Tuesday the 9th of April, 6:30pm-9pm: How do you relate to yourself as a man?
  • Tuesday the 16th of April, 6:30pm-9pm: How do you relate to others as a man?
  • Monday the 22nd of April, 6:30pm-9pm: How do you relate to the world as a man?

You can come to one or to all of the groups. If you come to more groups, you will find how there is overlap between the three perspectives we’ll apply, which will give you the opportunity for a more integrated exploration. I’m adding a graph below to illustrate that.
However, it’s totally fine to attend only one or two, no extended commitment is required.

Good to know before you come

  • The group meetings are drop-in. Some men will come once, others will come three times. Every group session we’ll have a different group of men. That is exciting, but also needs care and presence.
    To establish a welcoming and safe container, I ask your support by coming on time, so we can all start the meeting together and get to know each other.
  • Mendays is a place for men to gather and share, to connect and learn. The purpose of the men’s groups is to have conversations about men’s topics and they are not a substitute for psychotherapy or mental health care.
    If you are in need of mental health support please contact a mental health provider. See the links on the bottom of this page.
  • The Mendays Triplet Series are limited to 12 participants. 
  • If you want to know more about me, please read here or go to my contact page


  • Dates and timings:
    • Tuesday the 9th of April ’24: 6:30-9pm
    • Tuesday the 16th of April ’24: 6:30-9pm
    • Monday the 22nd of April ’24: 6:30-9pm
  • Location:
    Processwork Institute, 2049 NW Hoyt Street
  • Price:
    • $30 per group session
    • finances should not be an obstacle to participate in the Mendays groups, please reach out if you have trouble paying the fee
  • Signup:
    • use the calendar below if you want to come to one or more of the group sessions
    • signup closes 2 hours before the start of the groups

Local mental health providers:

Portland Psychotherapy
Portland Mental Health and Wellness
Portland Processwork Clinic
Riversway Clinic (community health care with flexible sliding scale options)